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charmilles 240cc questions


Apr 12, 2011
pennsylvania USA
I'm at a new job, trying to run a 2004 240cc for the first time without anyone knowlegeable about the machine to help me. I've got a lot of time on 240's & 330's with Fanuc controls, (late-90's vintage) and a 300 & 2020 with the same vintage Charmilles control. So far, it seems pretty clear that this thing has a Fanuc control dressed up like a Charmilles (Millenium?). I'm able to make my way around it pretty well, with a few minor hang-ups; they just hold me up in a major-kind-of-way. First, when I go into the CT-Expert and make a Tec file, where the heck does it go? When I try to activate it, all I find are folders from previous work done by the company, and doing a "tec,xxx" on the command line just gets me a "doesn't exist" type of alarm. Second: when I go into Prep, Editor, and get a directory of folders, I can access the files in them by high-lighting them, but I can't actually EDIT them. I only seem to get a display of the file. How can I get in there to edit?
Third: how does this thing cut the wire? I'm used to the old cutter-block system, and this doesn't have it. I'm using hard brass stratified with zinc, and about 50% of the time it won't thread due to the"jogging" when the wire won't pass thru the upper head. I haven't torn this apart yet to see what's inside; something's obviously dirty or worn out. How's it work, and what are some common things to check when I get in there? Thanks in advance!
When you make a tec file, it goes into the folder that is open.
Going into CT Expert will open a screen on the left side.
Navigate through there to your .iso file.
It will then put your wir and tec with it.
What you need to do is start putting all of your programs into different folders.
It's not like the old Charmilles controls.
It's going to look for something in the same folder to run.
I have a folder for customer name, then a folder for part numbers with in that.
The folder I run programs out of will only have a tec, wir, and iso program.

To edit your tec file you need to go into "Edit tables" instead of editor.
Editor will only edit .iso.

Your machine probably cuts with an annealing process only.
This means your .wir file must be accurate to what you actually have on the spool.
Your problems are probably a result of not having the right .wir file loaded due to not having the folder system set-up as mentioned above.
Go to EXE/active tables and see what wir is being called up.
If it's not the one you picked for your wire type, you'll never cut and thread consistently.
Where are you at in PA?
It would only take me an hour or so to show you what's up with that control.
Especially since you have the Fanuc and Charmilles control experience...

Just have to think "Windows" instead of the old file system.
And forget about .cmd files...
You don't need them anymore...

Now some things are starting to make sense. I'm south of Pittsburgh a bit, and unfortunately I'm putting in some full days right now working 2 jobs while I serve out my 2 weeks' notice. I appreciate your offer; it would be great if I could take you up on it. What you've given me so far gives me some perspective on this control, and should prove helpful. I'm sure I'll be back for more! Thanks!
I go to Pittsburgh fairly regularly.
At the risk of alienating my Browns fan buddies, Pittsburgh is a great town.

I hope everything works out for you with the new control.
It really is a nice blend of the other two.
I think it's nice that the .cmd language still functions on the com line.
Just remember to use a zero before the decimal when entering coordinate values.
example - MOV,Y0.125
It won't know what the heck you are trying to say if you type "MOV,Y.125".
Wow, you won't hear that from too many people anywhere near Cleveland!! Closet Steeler fan, perhaps? Probably not a Pirates fan; heck, there aren't too many of us left in THIS area!

Yes, I agree about the control, a nice blend. Athough I must admit that I still haven't completely fallen in love with touch screens yet. I still miss the rotary knobs from the Mitsubishi F-series machines that I learned on, back in the '80's (the pre-CRT days). I liked the ability to make a change to a setting instantly and simply. I use a Makino Duo machine with a touch-screen, and when bouncing between 3 different types of machine in a hurry, I start tapping the screens on the old ones and pushing function keys instead of the screen on the Makino! All change is inconvenient, even if it's for the better"....

I found out about the pre-decimal zero real quick. It didn't cause any problem, because I was familiar with the old Charmilles controls being funny about that within the program.

The new shop is taking delivery of an Agie Classic this week, and I'll get my first taste of that brand. Good thing I see every new machine as an exciting challenge to master. Yes, I'm serious. In spite of the constant hectic pace to get the jobs done and out the door, it seems that I get bored easily...

I appreciate the time that you and others take to use/post/reply on various forums. It's a fantastic means of sharing knowledge and experience, and is invaluable at times.