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Charmilles form 30 FDU issues


May 5, 2021
St. Louis, Missouri
We just acquired a 2017 Charmilles Form 30 and I am having a difficult time getting it running. The main issue right now is my FDU is alarming out, so I can't do anything with the machine. I've been in contact with GF, but I might get an email response maybe every other day. The last thing they told me, based off of pictures and alarms, was that the warning light for the FDU needs to be installed, or it will alarm out. Well, my machine did not come with one. I'm not sure if it was disconnected and lost during shipping, or if it ever had one. The hole where it is supposed to be installed looks untouched. As in the paint around the hole isn't scratched or have any signs of anything being installed there. We bought the machine from a wholesaler and are trying to get information about the "missing" light. I am also waiting on a quote from GF about a new one. Anyways, I apologize for the long winded story. has anyone tried or been able to bypass or get around this alarm light? I'm not sure if this is going to solve my issues, but it's a start at least. Thanks in advance.