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Charmilles Sinker Programming Software


Mar 3, 2022

Does anyone have a copy of Charmilles sinker programming software, I really don't want to jump through the hoops of trying to get in touch with them again.

I bought a 1996 Roboform 400 sinker earlier this year, it had no software and took a 3 month process of getting it from GF themselves. I got the machine up and running but due to work didn't get the chance to run it, but now it's quite high on the priority list. I bought the USB emulator along with software for the machine, plus schematics, it has all of the TEC files but that is it, not one example of a rbf file. I've not been able to locate a training manual and according to GF themselves one never existed in the first place, which I highly doubt. I did find a later pdf online explaining Proform, but I realize I have no manual to reference to for the auxiliaries.

The main reason is that I have no power / spark gap charts for the machine, and I don't want to be guessing anything.

So now I'm looking for a copy of their PC based software so I can have a much better success rate than writing a program from scratch.

Help would be greatly appreciated,
Hello guys, i have a lot of issues using the Roboform 300 (1992), could use some help as the GF and Charmilles people were not helpful for one instance. Just brushing you off. Would really appreciate if someone could send me the software so we can reduce the guesswork. Many thanks in advance.