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Chevalier CGP-1224 Hydraulic Cylindrical Grinder

You need a crank grinder as there are special headstock on it that adjust to off set. A plain cylindrical grinder has a tailstock and headstock that don't adjust. I'm not an expert on model numbers. Post a photo. Or you look it up and compare pictures to a Van Norman crankshaft grinder.
Note in that video (post #6) the sparking is one sided for .002 or so, and then gets a full spark around. That could be cause by correcting the original grind, some error in this grind, part use wear, or changes in the part (crank shaft), altered by stresses in the part being released over time.
The steady's pressure might suggest out of round at pre-grind, so using a cracker jack hone for the last .002 might make a better crank, but running on a steady as shown should make round.

I worked at a shop that finished cranks with an absrasive paper finish honeing.
It is not uncommon in high priduction grinding cranks that some surface grind burning happens, and then a slight dwel and a spark-out the remove that burn.

This may suggest that for race engines care to stress reliving might be a selling point.
Buck's Precision Race Engine Cranks. Too bad I am retired.
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