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Chip Conveyor for sale


Aug 20, 2021
Hello all. I've got a working chip conveyor for sale, in the Seattle WA area, I have a short video showing the pump and conveyor motors hooked up to my VFD showing they function. It has a working coolant pump, with coolant tank and a working conveyor.

Please email me or contact me via PM here at the forum

pdavis at daviszone dot org

I think this could be used pretty much anywhere due to the extremely low to the floor conveyor and the long flat belt section.

Asking 2500.00 obo. I have a few other AC 3 phase motors and servo's with drives as well, so if interested in those as well, let me know, will let them go pretty cheaply, just want to clear out the garage.

I can get any information needed, just ask.

I think this is the right place to post it, because although it is a fully working piece of machinery, it's an accessory more than a main part.

I don't have the means of easily delivering it to some shipping location, would prefer local pick up.