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CHIPMASTER belt-drive conversion

I dont flush ,I carefully clean out the black sludge with rags and a toothbrush and a small splash of gasoline .........people always say the black sludge just stays on the bottom,but quite often if you rub a finger on the inside of the casing ,there is a fine coating of the black ........so it must go through the bearings too................incidentally ,the Chippie has the same bearings as the old roundtop student /master ,and oil level is important ,or the spring loaded rear roller can seize.........Ive seen quite few with half the springs removed (original is 13).
Regarding the feed assembly on the apron - there are two bearings, a shaft, and a combination worm/pinion gear; how do they get lubricated? Do they need to be greased upon assembly? There doesn't appear to be a way to get oil to them after assembled.