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CHNC2 Turret not seating


Oct 19, 2022
Pennsylvania, USA
I am working on a CNHC 2 lathe. The turret doesn't seem to be seating all the way.
When we put an alignment bar in the spindle and a tool holder in the turret, the turret is high, by about .020".
Also the other day it started seating at different heights. It doesn't matter what location it is on, they all seem high.

I have recently rebuilt the turret seals, I thought I had something together wrong. I tore it all apart and put it back together a few times now and it doesn't seem to matter. The top plate seats on locating tapers. There is no way for these to move, I didn't have them off.
I don't have much history with this machine, maybe it has always been like this, who knows?

Has anyone else had this problem?
How do I correct my height problem?
Can I raise the spindle to find center with the tool holders again?

I wish I had pictures, once this job is done running I will update with some pictures for better ideas of whats going on.
If you do not get help here, you may try copying your post into the CNC section. Every now and then Tom or someone else that can help with a CNC problem happens along here. Mostly manual machines are discussed here.