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Chuck adapter for Rotary Table

MwTech Inc

Feb 6, 2005
Fishersville VA
Going to add a 10" Bison onto the 12" Koma table.

McMaster has cast iron and aluminum discs.

To me cast seems better, then rotary, adapter and chuck are all the same material.

Wonder if Alum corrodes over time??

But you guys have been in CNC whole lot longer than me.......

So which way to go?


Oct 10, 2009
Make it from iron or steel.

There's lots of ways to do it, but I have one 12" rotary that was ordered with all the bells and whistles and the way it (Yuasa) came from the factory with a chuck was you swap the t-slotted faceplate out for a chuck back plate that bolts straight to the spindle. Then the chuck bolts up and you can dial in the chuck with set screws. It's real important that there's a method in your mounting to dial in a 3 jaw- Like the set-tru style mounting with 4 set screws. Totally useless to put a shaft in a 4th and have it run out .01".

I use a trunnion on the 4th 100:1 over the chuck.

Pete Deal

Apr 10, 2007
Morgantown, WV
I just did this more or less. In my case the rotary doesn't come with a face plate so I made one to mount a vise on. I chose ductile iron from McMaster. It machines very nicely. I just don't think aluminum is a good choice for a permanent fixture.