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May 19, 2021
So, I ordered a grizzly 11 x 26 metal lathe. This is for making tobacco pipes. I want some jaws like this:


Now, these fit chucks like oneway and nova which have base jaws with 2 screw holes. However, the grizzly lathe has a spindle of 1 3/4 x 8. There are no adapters that I could find for this size. I could get a backplate, but these wood chucks don’t seem to have a flat back for attaching them to a backplate. So I’m confused and don’t know how to get this to work. Any ideas?


May 28, 2005
If you have a lathe chuck with 2-piece jaws, you can buy some soft jaws to fit your chuck and then add some mounting holes to those jaws to accommodate the jaws that you want to use. Or, if you have a very limited range of adjustment required, you can make a plate that can be held in one of the lathe chucks to which you can bolt your desired jaws, with some sort of oversize holes or slots. Or you can get the chuck that fits your desired jaws, and hold it in one of your Grizzly chucks. Or with a metal lathe as you have, you can make an adapter for the Nova or whatever other chuck you want.