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Cinci no. 2 plain horiz spindle lock


Jun 25, 2016
Operator needed to remove arbor today, nut wouldn’t loosen, and he couldn’t find a spindle lock, I didn’t have time to go help, pls tell me whether there’s a spindle lock and where it is. I’ll make sure he’s turning it correct direction. We have manual but didn’t find spindle lock.
I am the machinist that is assisting the OP with this machine.

I have the machine in low gear and I am able to get some torque on it, but it still will not budge!
We had the nut off before so I know it can move. I just cant remember for sure whether this was a LH or RH thread. My fuzzy memory tells me LH but there are no markings on the nut to imply this. This makes me think it's RH as someone would have labeled it in some way if LH thread. Thoughts? We can't see any thread so we cannot be sure. (see images)



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We put a short oak plank under one spindle lug, lower end sitting on rear flange of table with table cranked back against column. That totally immobilized the spindle in direction needed. Then a wrench with 3 foot pipe helper got it loose. We’d been using penetrant and some heat. Nut didn’t start to move until we torqued it in the “tighten” direction. Feeling it move, we reversed direction and it came loose.