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Cincinnati 3mi rapid traverse overtravel


Aug 24, 2014
Tennessee USA
I have a new to me 3mi 1958 model. It has the hydraulic autotable option. I have all the manuals on the machine and some receipts. I need help figuring out what is wrong with the rapid clutch / feed clutch system.

When rapid traverse is released the rapid clutch disengages and the table x or y takes 4-6 inches of travel to slow to the feed rate. The operators manual states that releasing the rapid causes the table to INSTANTLY revert to the feed rate. In order for the autotable feature to work say from end of feed in a cut to autoreverse in rapid and then restart the table would have to go from rapid to regular very quickly. All feed and rapid functions work it's just that the table continues with a long slowdown coming out of rapid.

Any ideas as to what is wrong or where to start looking? Seems like electrics and hydraulics are involved. Thx Doug