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Cincinnati Milacron Arrow 750 - Voltage Setting


Feb 15, 2022
I have a

Product: Arrow 750
Model: ERE
S/N: 7043-C00-94-0106
Control Diagram 91202599 A

I bought this a year ago and tried to hook up power this past week and ran into a problem. I don't know what power it should be supplied. I have the amperage available regardless of what voltage I need. I need to understand the taps on the transformer to understand how it is currently setup. I don't have any manuals other than the programming manual.

It shows on the label it is capable of 208/230/380/415/460 3PH and 60hz

When I look at the transformer it has all these voltages on the top of the transformer and currently the coils are placed in the "415" taps. On the bottom the power is coming into the transformer. And the power from this area is also running directly to the top of the breakers feeding the drives. My problem is some of the drives, servo drive in particular is 220VAC 3PH, but the spindle drive is 460VAC 3PH. So is this machine currently setup for 220 feed and stepping up to 415 for the spindle drive? Or what?

Does anyone have a manual for this? and/or a wiring diagram? I am fully capable of not dying while checking these settings. But I don't quite understand how this transformer is currently hooked up and what power is expects. The other machine I purchased was 480, so I assumed this one was too, but I am starting to think it is 220v.

Any help would be appreciated.