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Cincinnati Monoset Tool and cutter grinder new user.

I didn't look too deeply into getting a DRO for my machine.
Years ago when I used my machine but the rotary encoder for the rotating work head base was something I figured I would have had to do some creative adapting to get done.
I did by some cheap digital Vernier calipers that I considered cutting up and adapting especially for the offset slide on the work head much like the kits that were sold for the quills on Bridgeport style mills .
I never got around to it and used the Vernier calipers for their intended use instead .
I was lookin up some other things this morning and found some pictures of tools I made in part with my Monoset.
I suppose in theory ,I could have done the complete job on there but I have other machines that I could use to do some of the operations on in a way that I found worked better for me.
These are only snap shots of part of the operation on what were solid carbide jobber twist drills
I can't go into detail about the tools but even though one of them looks very weak once complete the tools worked well for their intended use in very soft material.


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Here is another cutter with a .010" radius at the end of a 45 degree included angle that was made from a used standard slitting saw 7/32" or 1/4" wide.
I had someone make a CAD drawing 20 X actual size of the groove in the part it was to make so I could print it on a transparency check it on my optical comparator .
I used the Monoset to grind the radius .
I did the rest of the cutter elsewhere because I felt it was easier for me to do it that way with the other equipment I have.
The literature would have you believe that it could all be done on the Monoset and I'm sure it could have .
You likely won't find step by step instructions on how to do it anywhere that I know of maybe someone will have made something similar and shown it on YouTube somewhere.
Sorry I don't have more or better pictures.


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Here are some more pictures of a small carbide cutter I made in 2007
Using a carbide drill blank that looks about 1/4" or maybe 5/16" diameter .
I ground the flutes and did some cylindrical grinding on the stem on other machines before grinding the partial ball on the Monoset.


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Jim that is some fantastic work.. I am totally envious and inspired by your photos.

This machine was the right one for me to get.. It will do all the things I could have interest in.

Jim, on the grinding wheel adapters you made, did you have to balance them?

Have you had to clean or fix your Bijur oilers? Both of the ones I have are leaking around the stems and from what I can tell the piston seals are worn/old.. I've had one out, but could not figure how it was assembled though I had the front shaft nut off but could not get the plunger to pull out. Guessing there is a spring retainer inside.

A friend of mine dropped me off some shutter material.. I pulled the item apart.. I used an envelope to force the material into the groove in the roller. I then put a few drops of superglue in it to lock it in.

The spring is reuseable but I'll see about getting some new springs made.. I can see these older shutters as wear items since the material is getting old. I like the blue color. Not as sheik at the green ones but some bling is good.


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I found the spindle pulley that came with my machine.
It is unlike any other shown in the literature posted above and has no part number stamped in it like most original Cincinnati parts so it is probably something someone else made.
The spindle pulley that is on mine now was made using the one that came with the machine for measurements and to give me roughly the same speeds mentioned in the 1990s literature
Did you have to modify the machine spindle at all for the width of the pulley you put on?

the stock bottom pulley on my machine is about 1.5" wide including small flanges. Its the original with only 1 belt sheave vs 3 of the later models.

I'm guessing the spindle pulley threads on?
Did you have to modify the machine spindle at all for the width of the pulley you put on?

the stock bottom pulley on my machine is about 1.5" wide including small flanges. Its the original with only 1 belt sheave vs 3 of the later models.

I'm guessing the spindle pulley threads on?
Yes as I mentioned the grinding wheel spindle pulley on mine is threaded on and has a left hand thread and acts to preload the spindle .
I didn't alter my spindle.
The pulley that is on mine was made to match bore and thread of the one that came with the machine.
You will have to check your parts manual to see what it says.
Mine could have been altered before I got it I don't know .
I find when working on old machinery many things have been altered so you just have to figure your way around things when you get something apart and it doesn't conform to the part drawings or new part specifications.
I noticed a picture in one of the links on Vintage Machinery where the machine had a thin flat fabric belt similar to those made by Habasit about an inch wide on the spindle.
You would probably have had a set of pulleys to change to give different speeds in that case .
I only had the literature from the 1990s machine to go by when I got mine no parts books etc. and no internet .
I just had to kind of figure things out as I went along .
Fortunately I had several years of working around older machinery and several old timers to discuss things with as I worked on mine.
I never got around to fixing the way covers on mine .
I didn't make the hubs for the grinding wheels they came with my other Tos machine in various sizes and they are small so there was no need to balance them .
A friend made the adapter to take the Tos hubs with the Monoset stem on it .
There was no balancing done on it either .
the tread and taper to fit the Monoset runs true with the larger taper to fit the Tos hubs.
I think there are suppliers that make hubs to fit the Cincinnati # 2 grinders but you would have to make an adapter piece to use them on the Monoset too.
I can't say how well they would fit.
Buying a used one to try it might be a place to start if you can't find the real ones for the Monoset.
In the days before the internet and Ebay it was either adapt what you can find or make what you want or pay a huge price for the real thing from Cincinnati .
This place used to support the original machines at one time and some used or old stock parts .
Perhaps they still do .
I never ordered anything from them.
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Jim, thanks for the belt link..

The spindle on mine is also LF hand thread. My machine is an OM.. Mickey, the guy who I have been getting parts from calls these OLD Machines.. Vs the newer MT models.

The MT Operators manual has a great section on how to use the Monoset.

From the looks of your machine. Ours are twins other than the modifications you have done.

We have the same oilers, and hand wheels and layout.

The OM manual lists 2 pulleys for 6000rpms and 8000rpms.. My unit only came with 1 pulley and is flat belt drive.

The belt is not original and looks like a heavy black elastic band. I'm not taking large cuts but it it smells some like it's slipping.

I'd like to upgrade motor size and V belt with 3 step pulley like the MT.

I have about 15 wheel holders. both in 3/4" and about 5 with 1/2" shanks.

Some of the wheels are larger in the center.. I'll be able to use those on the Hardrig surface grinder.

I've been over to Cinmac.com was hoping to find a year of MFG they wanted 95 per hour to look it up with a minimum of 2 hrs.

The grinding wheel holders seems pretty straight forwards to make.

Have you had to rebuild your oilers? I can't seem to get mind apart.

Thanks again for all the suggestions. I'm right out straight until the middle of June.. Lots of away time at teaching events.. One in Maine and then in PA.


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