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Cincinnati number 4 horizontal/vertical mill


Sep 6, 2022
Hello I bought an old cincinnati horizontal vertical mill and I am currently attempting to rebuild it. I have the serial number (4A4P5JE-19) but I'm unable to decipher what year it was made so that I can try to find a manual to help me with how some of these components are put together and need to be taken apart. So far it's been quite an experience there's considerable rust in certain spot and then others look absolutely brand new. So if anyone has insight into what year this might be I would sincerely appreciate it thank you


Nov 18, 2005
elfrida arizona usa

As an addendum to John Odor's post, the "P" in the serial number indicates a Plain Milling Machine and the 19 would indicate
that it was the 19th machine of that type built that year. You mentioned that it is also a vertical machine, is it equipped with a
vertical attachment or a Toolmakers Motorized Overarm? One thing that is not explained in the Serial Number Books is the
model code. This code tells you the year that the design was introduced, for example, an ER model would have been introduced in1939 and an OE model in 1943. The model of your machine should be on the maker's plate, post it and I should
be able to tell you when it was designed. Also, if your miller has a Toolmakers Motorized Overarm, post the HP and I should
be able to give you the number for the Operator's Manual and Parts Book. This device is very handy for doing two milling jobs
at the same time and can save a lot of set up time.