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Cincinnati Slotting Attachment

Steve L.

New member
Hi guys, been awhile since I posted. I was given a cincinnati slotting attachment and would like to know what you think about my trying to mount on my k&t 3ce mill. I thought about building a adapter plate but a friend suggested why not drill and tap column. I think this would be the easy way, but I don't know how thick the column is or how close the gears or oil is. Don't ask why I want a slotting attachment, it's just that I do and it was free and I need more old iron. Any suggestions?
Steve in Northern Michigan

Chip Chester

Active member
Well, if it's a Toolmaster-type, please don't cut it up to mount it. There are some folks here looking for one. (Can you post a pic?)



K&T slotting attachments located on and were clamped to the pair of over arms. The lower end clamped on both sides of the column dovetail. I would not drill and tap the face of the column without having the side off to retrieve the chips. Right side on the E design, left side all others.

Steve L.

New member
Thanks guys for the reply.
johnoder - yes I have seen pictures of the k&t attachment and my first plan was to make a adapter plate to mount the way it should be, just thought bolting would be easy.

athack - still trying to figure out how to post pictures. I'm located in n.e. michigan - Rogers City.

I don't think this slotter is from a toolmaster - it is held on by three bolts into the face of the column.


calvin b

New member
Hello Steve,
I do believe what you have is a slotter attachment for a Cincinnati horizontal machine... I think I'd just try and track down someone with a K&T slotter and trade the cincy away.. Or knowing myself, I'd just use the slotter as justification to get a cincy horizontal to go with it..( probably cheaper and less painful than drilling your K&T column ) Enjoy !
Stay safe

M. Moore

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It would seem almost as simple to make a plate that matches the K&T column (1/2" thick?) and bolt the slotter to that and then clamp the plate to the column as per normal procedure.
The real question is how is the slotter driven? What adapter do you have to make for that to work?
It also looks like it is going to stick out quite far? I have a K&T slotter and can measure mine if you need any measurements.

I like the suggestion of just getting a Cinci machine to go with your slotter!
Or better yet sell the slotter and get a Cinci shaper!


Steve L.

New member
Hi Michael, Thanks for reply. Yes, I have seen pictures of the K&T slotter and think I will make adapter plate. Plan on using 3/4" plate. The drive is 50 nmtb, same as my k&t 3ce, so there is no problem there. It may stick out farther than k&t slotter so may have to add support to overarm.
I suggested to the wife about getting a cinci machine to fit slotter, that did not go over to well, she thinks I have enough old iron.
I do have a 7" Italian made shaper that is a very good machine.

Thanks again.