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Citizen E series machines


Oct 8, 2019
I recently picked up 3 citizen E series machines. One is a 1997 E32 with Spego bar feeder. The others are 1992 E16j machines. I also got a iemca mini boss 325 bar feeder, Two pallets of tool holders and collets, guide bushings, tool presetter, etc. I paid 15 grand for everything so I don’t feel like I am risking much. We have other citizen machines and have had great luck with them. The twin turret design does look interesting. I was wondering if anyone has these machines in their shop or have run them. What are your thoughts on these machines? Are they still viable today?
We have a 1984 Citizen F20 that sits and makes money every day, day after day.

That’s good to hear. I will feel better about them once I get them running. They seem like good iron. I just have to upload the parameters on the E16 and replace some drives on the E32.