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CL145-A My first SBL!


Jul 11, 2017
Buying this lathe today!

From a little research on the serial number, 11716TKX14, I discovered the lathe was shipped in July of 1967.

It has a 5C collet closer, 3 & 4 jaw chucks, quick change tool post, and several collets included.

Seller says it runs great, and all the gears are in good condition...

For asking price of $1800 is this a good deal? What are some specific things I should look for?

Ive owned one Grizzly 13" lathe, and thats my total experience, so I have high hopes this lathe will be a good machine!




Jan 15, 2017
Not sure what you have planned as far as work you might like to do on this lathe, but the bed is a bit shorter than what I personally would like to have. Local market seems to dictate price and $1800 seems to be fair for what I see around here in central NJ.


Jul 11, 2017
I ended up pulling the trigger on "shorty"!

The seller threw in a bunch of tooling for the asking price.

The seller and his partner both learned on this lathe, which was in a school originally.

The ways are in really good shape, and despite its rough appearance, it's pretty tight!

The short length was actually a positive for me, as my space is very limited, and the type of work I do is rarely over 12-14"

I have a few small jobs I'd like to do with it fairly soon, but long range I'd like to do a full restoration on it! There's a few small pieces missing, like the motor access door latch and the original oiler cup for the headstock, but im sure I can track those down!

I think the price was fair for what was included so im very happy with the purchase and im excited to get started with it!


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Sep 22, 2005
Late model heavy 10 with wide-range gearbox, large dials and lever clutch?
Hell, I'd pay that in a heartbeat.

The downside to a short bed is not just that you can't do long work, it's also that you can't DRILL into some work because you need extra bed length for the drill.

Back in the 1960's, my dad turned a cannon barrel on his 9a 24" lathe, then he realized he couldn't bore it, so it sat on the shelf until 20 years later when he found it and had upgraded to a Clausing 12x36.