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Clausing 15" variable speed DP: troubleshooting speed adjustment and belt


Apr 17, 2022
I recently acquired a Clausing 1670 15" Variable Speed Drill press (1966).

short version: I'm trying to find the specs on the belt. I've left a message with the company and 3 other resellers (online) and gotten no response. I was hoping someone here might own one and be able to tell me.

Longer version:
It was in great shape except the variable speed control hand wheel whose 1/2" center bolt was bent. It prevented running it through the speed range before purchase. Best I can figure it got tipped over and the handle took the brunt of the fall.

After replacing the bolt I'm able to adjust speed, but find I can only access the top half of the speed range. If I try to go slower the front spindle pully faces get too close together and push the belt off the pulley. Although the numbers on the belt match some being sold, the best I can tell the belt is too wide and may also be too long too allow the full range of speed control. Does this make sense? Anything else it could be? The company charged me $27 shipping to send the 1/2" bolt. I'd rather not spend $100+ on a new Clausing belt till I know I need it. Thank you