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clausing 4804 lathe


Jun 1, 2004
i have a clausing 4804 that i have been putting back together in been in parts for the last 20 years about done with it but i was missing one of the 5/16 x 18 nuts [you know the ones that use a 9/16 wrench ] so i took a 3/8 x 16 bolt put it in the lathe and faced it drilled an F hole in it and tapped it to 5/16 x 18 cut it off and faced that side and there was my nut no turning a log in to a tooth pick or 9/16 th hex stock that's what i love about machining your imagination is your limitation . that light was something i had it looks like it came with the machine i mounted it were the tapper attachment would have gone


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L Vanice

Feb 8, 2006
Fort Wayne, IN
Heavy pattern hex nuts are usually easier to make than to find in a store. And you would not want to try to buy a nut from Clausing, even if they had one.

I have a bin full of no name hex keys of many sizes that I can use as bar stock when I want a hardenable steel for a nut or screw with a hex feature. Easier than milling a hex on drill rod.