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Cleaning Interapid IRA2 Comparator


Apr 18, 2006
Austin, TX
I recently picked up a very nice (but gummy) 1967 Interapid IRA2 Hole and Groove Comparator like this one - http://longislandindicator.com/p22.html . It seems to have the whole selection of tips and accessories but someone in the past was a heavy user of oil (smells faintly of WD40) and it is sticky, especially when cold. A friend of mine suggested soaking it in odorless mineral spirits (I rescued an old Mitutoyo before the same way) to flush it out, but should I just bite the bullet and send it in to Long Island and let them do it?
I have no experience with this brandbut have worked on several other brands. I personally would take a pass on it and send it in.

The hardest thing on these is getting the timing in range. I have some Fowler branded import crap at work that uses a heavy string inside wrapped around the main shaft to rotate the hand. I'd bet that the IR would be much more sophisticated.:skep: