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Cleaning up a Bridgeport and upgrades


May 15, 2022
Oiling system didnt work, saddle ways possibly damaged beyond being scraped, wont go into low gear as someone had been into the head and damaged the 3 springs so the gear couldnt go down far enough, the powerfeed starts to move towards the end of its dial range among some other smaller things... Its been fun.

The head right now is being stripped down completely and will be swapping to a 30 taper spindle, as I will be setting the height of tooling in comparison to a haimer 3d probe and fitting a z axis to the dro. Might sound overkill especially seeing the condition of the ways but I need to mill steering column splines (circa 66 splines on 22mm bar) so in the short x distance it will be used for, tolerances wont be thrown out.




Yes I forgot to put the covers back and had to take it apart again...:rolleyes:



The end cap thread o/d to the new spindle is too big by 0.1mm.. So I need to chase the threads on that and of course, the taper hasn't been ground well and I will re grind it once its on the machine.

A lot of this is for experience of just doing the thing, the more I delve into this world, the more I want to know and do. Im currently saving for a cnc mill, a haas mini mill would be perfect as space is not the best here, but Ill have a vf-1 and would make it fit, Id prefer one to a mini mill tbf.

This 'build' will be finished once a smaller mill and lathe have been sold and some space is freed up at my unit.

Im yet to look into the powerfeed problem, so if anyone has any idea It would help me out a lot.