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Climax BB4500/BB5000 boring unit and Climax BW3000 welding unit, excellent condition


Aug 28, 2016
Hello, PM;

Just a little preamble, if you’ll indulge me. I’ve read all the posting rules on PM, paying attention to the particular disdain for “the first time poster who’s here to sell something”. I have no posts on PM. But I’ve been a member for a couple years now, visiting the site semi-regularly when I have some learning to do. The simple fact is that I see no reason to make a post if a) I’ve got nothing to teach, b) my question has already been asked, or c) the answer has already been given. The reasonable members on PM (which seem to be the majority) should hopefully be satisfied by this logic, but I know it’ll be impossible to satisfy the crotchety ones.

As for my contact info, I have an email set up just to establish contact. I’m happy to send a phone number after first point of contact with any potential buyers. Feel free to request more info, more pictures, etc. Thank you.


P.S. If anyone wants to suggest portable machining equipment isn’t industrial, you probably don’t work on big enough projects 😉
P.P.S. Mods, let me know if I'm out of line.

Low-hour bore welder and line boring unit for sale, ~1100 hrs on line boring unit, ~800 hrs on bore welding unit. Excellent shape, all pieces serviced prior to sale. Everything enclosed in protective cases that are transport quality, rugged, and great shape. Note: All listed equipment will strictly be sold as a package; no individual sales will be considered.

Bore Welder System:
Climax BW3000 automatic bore welder, 12” stroke model. For use with either conventional milling\boring equipment, or portable boring equipment like the BB5000, etc.
• Min weldable bore diameter ~1", max diameter ~12". Additional torches can be purchased to broaden weld diameter range.
• 3"\6"\12"\18"\24" welding torch extensions
• BW3000 kit comes with all hoses and cables necessary, including shielding gas hose + regulator
• Welder has interrupt switch to weld keyways, faces, flanges, etc while skipping over voids
• Compact face welding attachment, up to ~16" diameter. (For horizontal faces, this is marginally faster and cleaner than hand welding. For vertical faces, this attachment is far faster and cleaner, especially for multiple passes)
• “Push-pull” feeder attachment (allows for very long MIG wire conduit hose)
• Spare liners, tips, diffusers, assorted internal parts for welding system

Line Boring System:
Climax BB4500 (1.75” boring bar) and BB5000 (2.25” boring bar) line boring unit***. Boring unit may either be tack-welded onto workpiece or fastened using a variety of included pieces.
***Includes parts to interchange between BB4500 and BB5000 setup, effectively two machines for the price of one. Smaller/lighter 1.75” bar and blocks fit into small\confined\awkward areas where machining might otherwise be difficult. These purchases\modifications were meant specifically for repairing forestry, construction, and agriculture equipment.
• BB4500 setup:
o 2x BB4500 1.75" bars, 6' length, broached on 6" for ½” tooling.
o 6x BB4500 1.75" bearing blocks (all single-arm).
o 1.75” bar is optimally for 2” – 8” diameter bores.
o 1", 2", 3” tooling supports included.
• BB5000 setup:
o 1x BB5000 2.25" bar, 6' length, broached on 6” for ½” tooling
o 10x BB5000 2.25" bearing blocks (8x single-arm, 2x universal mount).
o 2.25” bar is optimally for 6" - 18" diameter bores. Designed to be stable up to 24" diameter.
o 2", 3", 4" tooling supports included, also allowing for simultaneous cuts
• Includes a thru-bar ID telescoping gauge kit from York, good to 12" diameter. Excellent for final cuts or low-visibility workpieces.
• Spare bearings, seals, internals for boring system (rotation unit and feed unit)
• Spare Milwaukee armature, spare brushes for boring motor

Misc Info:
• Hardware for both systems is complete and in excellent shape, including spare odds and ends.
• Ad price includes numerous 1\2" indexable tools using 3\8" IC inserts. Various tools shapes and lengths; most are Sandvik. Most are in excellent shape, some entirely unused, others have seen regular use. Couple boxes of inserts, tool screws, etc included. Handful of 1\2" cobalt tooling blanks and 1\2" brazed carbide tools also included.
• Lots of additional information (capacities, use cases, etc) and photos available upon request.

In the case of shipping non-local, buyer will pay all shipping and brokerage\customs fees. All pieces are prepped for transport, oiled up, etc. Our recommendation is to use FedEx. We're located in Alberta, Canada, FYI.

Price: $63,000 USD

Questions can be directed to [email protected], and my phone number will be provided to anyone sufficiently interested. I’ll try to pay attention to any PMs on this forum, but email would be preferred.


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Aug 28, 2016
How is someone else going to get an idea of the market then ?


My sale is not very indicative of "the market". My equipment was priced for about 20% off new, it was immaculate condition, and it sold for about 25% less than new. But that pricing is for immaculate condition, and most sales (that I've seen) are in a condition I'd refer to as "found in a ditch".

As well, my package was highly specialized. I think a BB5000 boring machine and BW3000 welder are worth $30,000 USD, new, give or take. My package contained about 3x as much equipment in it. I don't know if my BB5000 and BW3000 bolstered the sale, or the 50 other pieces included.

I'm happy to answer more detailed questions, via PM.