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Clumsy -Dropped Mitutoyo Digital Caliper


Oct 18, 2023
I finally picked up a good quality 0-8 digital caliper (Mitutoyo) - and went through considerable effort to make sure it was the genuine article. Having a half dozen others of varying import quality, and going through the punch list in Clough42's video, I am confident it is the real deal - and I so enjoyed using it being smooth as glass.... Until while repositioning something on the Bridgeport I knocked it off the table (with the jaws open from the last measurement) and it tumbled down and hit the Te-Co clamp kit. Now they are not so smooth (feel almost "gummed up" through the first 2~ inches of travel) and are reading 15 thou over sized. Any suggestions on a remedy? Is it worth taking them apart or, being electronic, should I assume they are toast and look for a replacement (and be more bloody careful next time)?
Call T&S Tool in Holland, OH. They have a place that repairs calipers and things. On some of the digital the repairs can be as much or more than new, but I've sent out 12" and 20" Mitotoyo and it was cheaper than replacing.
I had this happen, sent them to Mitutoyo, they have a reconditioning place.
They reground them, good as new.
feeling rough: examine everything to see if there is a burr on the beam or elsewhere. Sometimes when you drop calipers a small chip will drop into the wrong place. Judicious use of compressed air while moving them might dislodge.
No longer on zero: Mitutoyo used to make a little tool, just a 1-1/2 inch long piece of brass that you slide in and it pushes the pinion away from the rack. Do this at zero and they will re zero.
hold them up to the light and see if the tips still straight[inside and outside measuring] I have sent B&S calipers to be reground and set up, but it cost 80 percent of what another set cost.
I buy cheaper calipers to knock of the bench and have another set in my box that are real.
The lesson we hope we all learn, expensive calipers go in the middle of the table, not toward the edges of the table.
I'll walk buy a newb, grab his calipers sitting by the edge, and move them to the middle, with a dirty look :skep:.