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Clutch issue - Woodhouse and Mitchell Junior 70 lathe


Nov 2, 2010
Perth, WA, Australia
I recently picked up an old Woodhouse and Mitchell Junior 70 lathe from a deceased estate. The clutch lever doesn't move. I'm not sure if the previous owner has just overtightened the clutch or the selector ring has moved, given the drawing appears to show this sitting up against the clutch body.


If anyone out there has one of these lathes, I'd really appreciate it if you could remove the circular access plate on the back of the headstock and take a photo of your clutch for me. Both of the clutch (disengaged and engaged) and the position of the clutch lever when the clutch is disengaged.

Otherwise, all comments welcome.


Feb 3, 2018
I'm UK based and own two of these lovely lathes. I can't take a pic for you, but there should be about 40 thou clearance between the clutch plates and the adjusting ring when the clutch is disengaged. When it's correct you can feel the clutch make it up the ramp and then remain engaged...To adjust, withdraw the little pin to the right (in your pic)then spind the housing. To loosen, unscrew, to tighten screw up. It'sa standard rh thread. You are missing the sprung clip that prevents the pin from sliding loose. It goes around the outside of the housing and is rather like those things peopel used to use to hold their trousers to their legs when cycling... I hope this helps Ian


Dec 21, 2012
Brisbane Qld Australia
To add a little to that,unscrew the ring until the clutch wont drive(slips),at which point the lever/ring should move freely back and forth,then carefull screw the adjuster up until the the lever/ring should click over centre with a bit of resistance,and the clutch drive positively.......if the clutch continues to slip,then wear is indicated ,and in the absence of replacing plates,simply cut a packing piece in the shape of either a inner or outer plate,but without tangs.......This is a well known "bodge" for machine tool clutches.