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CNC BT-30 tooling

Feb 5, 2016
Hello guys,
In my job, we sometimes create the tooling that will run our dicing products,
we have a customer that came up to us because they want to use a Haas DT1. that DT1 requires BT30 tooling balanced to G2.5.
we can make the tooling, but the balancing afterwards cannot be done by us.
I looked into it and i could not find a place that offers CNC balancing.
Does anyone know of a place to get some bt30 Tooling balanced?
Any information is appreciated.
Nov 15, 2005
Me. We make CAT50,40, BT40,BT30 tool holders. We have 3 Haimer balancers and balance several hundred holders a day. G2.5 @ 20,000 rpms is not a problem. We typically balance by drilling holes on the inside groove of the flange, so it does not affect operation of the tool. Please contact me via contact us page on my website. Select technical as the email topic.

Tool Holders, Collets and Machine Accessories - MariTool


Hot Rolled
Apr 8, 2011
San Diego
I can also vouch for Maritool. Excellent value in my experience. I don't usually spend more than about $100/tool holder so I can't say how those $400-$700 holders are, but for what I normally buy (ER collet chucks) Maritool stuff is great!