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CNC Lathe for sale - DAINICHI


Apr 16, 2015
Used DAINICHI CNC Lathe for sale by original owner, installed new in 1999.
The machine is in excellent condition and is currently hooked to power (functionality can be demonstrated).
Please feel free to contact me for more information, pictures or to come have a look.

I am located in Langley, BC Canada. I am willing to work with a potential buyer to arrange shipping out of Province or to the US.

Asking $75,000 (Canadian $) - All reasonable offers will be considered.

Machine details are listed below along with everything that is included:

CNC Lathe:
Dainichi Techno Turn (1999)
Model: DLX65 x 300

Fanuc 20TA - CNC with controls for hand operation
- Hand operated pulse generators for X & Z Axis

A2-11 Spindle nose
Bore: 4.92” (125mm)
Speed: 3-900 RPM

Quill Diameter: 3.54” (90mm)
Quill Travel: 7.87” (200mm)
Quill Taper: Morse Taper #5 (MT5)

15” 3-Jaw Scroll Chuck
20” 4-Jaw Independent Chuck
14” 5-Jaw Scroll Chuck

Steady Rests:
1x - Roller Jaw: 0.8” - 7.9” (20-200mm)
1x - Roller Jaw: 5.9” - 11.8” (150-300mm)

Tool Post & Holders:
Multifix Quick Change Toolpost
(With 13 holders)
3x - 1.25” Square Shank Holders (5 bolt)
7x - 1.25” Square Shank Holders (3 bolt)
2x - 40mm Boring Bar Holders
1x - 50mm Boring Bar Holder (With sleeve)
1x - 50mm to 1.75” Reduction Sleeve
1x - 14mm Square Drive Tee-Handle Wrench

X-Axis: 17.7” (450mm)
Z-Axis: 120.8” (3070mm)
Swing over bed: 25.5” (650mm)
Swing over carriage: 14.9” (380mm)
Distance between centers: 118” (3000mm)

Other Included Hardware:
Flood Coolant
3pc. Coolant Tank
3pc. Rolling Chip Tray
Rolling storage cart for steady-rests and extra chuck

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