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CNC Machinist - Lathe - Mill - Escondido CA Area - Part Time


Sep 12, 2012
I am looking for someone who is motivated and interested and has experience in operating and programing on both Lathe and Mill.

The Main machines we have are a HAAS VF4, HAAS UMC750 and OKUMA GENOS 3000 MYW .

We are using Fusion 360 / SW and shop is climate controlled and clean.

We are not a job shop, we do our own products and are looking to expand but there are simply not enough hours in the day to get everything done I want to get done so figured it is time to see if there is anyone suitable out there looking for some part time work to start with that may expand into full time if you are a good fit with a good attitude.

Pay and Conditions will match your skill and engagement, not looking to pay base rates, not looking for base people and if I find the right person I would be confident in saying I will make it worth their while.

Not looking to train someone from scratch at this stage so you will need to be competent in programing, setting up and running the machines and you will need to be reliable, honest and have a good attitude. You need to be able to think for yourself and work well with the team. Work is varied so if standing at a machine all day pushing cycle start is your thing this is not for you.

If your interested then send me a message and we can discuss and go from there.