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CNC programming self-study where to start


Jul 15, 2022
shenzhen, shi yan jie dao 22 hao
Where to start with cnc programming self-study? CNC programming self-learning can be carried out according to the following steps.

1. First figure out what is cnc programming

Refers to the CNC machining center, that is, the ordinary machining machine is controlled by the computer.

2. Understand the basics of programming

A machine tool is a mechatronics processing configuration with a high degree of technical integration and automation.

3. Explore while practicing, combining theory and practice.

Determine, determine the workpiece, analyze the tool change, etc., determine the processing elements of the workpiece, such as the first processing technology used, such as collar clamping and positioning, etc., processing paths, such as entry and exit paths, tool change points, process technology, etc. Give speed, parameter transfer, speed given speed and depth of cut, etc.

If most of the machine systems have tools, they only need to calculate the intersection point function of the basic point.

According to the planned coordinates of the current motion path, the final processing parameters and help actions, combined with the coordinate command code and control mode used by the CNC system rules, the list of processing steps and the determination are written once and input into the memory of the CNC equipment. middle.

These are my experiences learning CNC programming