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CNC Setup Machinist - Grove City OH


Oct 19, 2023
Hey everyone,

This employer is looking for a Setup Machinist with 4 and 5-axis machining experience.
  • Pay ranges from $30 - $40 per hour, paid weekly
  • Multiple shifts available
  • Preference given to candidates with min. 3 years of horizontal milling experience
State of the art equipment in a climate controlled shop.

Full job description here: https://hirecnc.com/job/cnc-setup-machinist-29293
For the CNC Setup Machinist position in Grove City, OH, strong skills in machine setup, tooling, and troubleshooting are essential. The role demands precision in interpreting technical drawings and adjusting machine settings for optimal performance. For further insights into CNC setup machinist roles, you can refer to jcproto.com.