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Code needed to update tool offsets in DMG machines in MDI


Cast Iron
Dec 4, 2020
Hi all,

We have DMG Mori machines, and I need to input sample code/post into MDI that is able to update the tool height and radius offsets in the machine. I was wondering if someone on this board could help me out with this.

The reason why I need this code is because Zoller needs to build a custom post processor for our Zoller tool setter in order to effectively communicate with our machines. I need to have the code correct and ironed out in order for Zoller to create the post processor.

Machines we have are the following:

NHX5000 (Mitsubishi with Celos)

DMC80 (Siemens with Celos)

DMF260 (Siemens with Celos)

Any help would be appreciated.




Feb 21, 2023
For the Siemens control you would be looking at $TC_DP3[t,d] for the length, where t is the tool number or name, and d is the cutting edge (almost always 1) and the radius is $TC_DP6[t,d]


Jan 4, 2014
Portland, OR
They have but before I spend the money on post processor, I want to try the code out on the machines to make sure it works.

Feeding the MAPPS V data on the NHX might not be possible via MCODE. The Mits definitely has some functionality for that, but if you need full tool data it could get ugly. DMG MORI used to have a special utility for feeding MAPPS tool data.

On the Siemens machines this is pretty standard stuff. The CELOS doesn't interfere. There are dozens of parameters, but you are looking for the NEWT command. It's totally industry standard, and should be easily supported by Zoller.