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Colchester Triumph 2000 - Jaws

Jul 28, 2023
We are looking for new jaws for our Colchester Triumph 2000 Lathe - don't need the chuck.
3 Jaw - U62 serial number on the jaws.
Chuck - Serial Number BP73/9234
Photos attached.
Does anyone have any idea where we can get these form?


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If the above link does not provide what you are looking for, you can try PrattB. You can even try mix and match from other makers - but it is a crap shoot (I needed pinions for a nameless 3J, Bison pinions were a spot on match).

In Strictly practical terms, just go purchase another chuck (a set of proper hard jaws from the manufacturer will likely be more than 50% the cost of the chuck, and you still have an old chuck - seems that way with all the manufacturers).

Now practicality aside, it is not difficult to make your own jaws (just time). Harold Hall describes a method using manual machining. I made a set for a 12” 3J using a CNC - it is simply a declining radius spiral (short section of), then translate the pitch of the scroll times the number of teeth, repeat two more times with the origin shifted by 1/3 of the scroll pitch. Harold explains it quite well. The slots are straightforward, the jaw angle is mostly cosmetic and the grip surface is machined after assembly (with a loading ring).

Like most things in life, once you know how, it is quite easy.