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Collet Chuck Mazak QT 8

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Apr 29, 2021
I found this collet chuck in a box that came with my Mazak QT 8. It fits my spindle, but it looks like I need an adapter to fit the Mazak's drawbar to a 5C collet. I can't find any name or info on the chuck. I've read in some posts that Haas produced some collet chucks and they didn't have any logos or manufacture info. I saw some pics of these chucks and they look identical to mine.

Is worth trying to source an adapter or is it a better solution to use collet pad jaws on my chuck? I am not very familiar with lathe work holding, this being my first CNC lathe, the collet pad jaws seem like a good idea to me because they seem like a good quick change set up.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.