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Communicating with 2006 Mitsubishi sheet laser processor - new to us, need info


Dec 30, 2021
Just installed a used CO2 laser processing system for sheet metal. Mitsubishi Model ML3015LVP(S), manufactured in 2006. Laser ML40CFX (LV Series). Controller LC206P2 (or 205 or 20S - not sure from marking).

We have a user manual, but no installation or communications or software manuals/instructions/guides.

I am looking for communications/computer connections and configuration information so I can connect to our ethernet (or RS232?). I presume there is also some type of post-processor or other communications software required, for which I have no information. We have SolidWorks and (old) Surfcam.

Any help/information greatly appreciated!
You generally need nesting software which will then have a post processor for your particular laser.

I just went down this road getting my Mazak fiber laser up and running.

Hypertherm has ProNest. They can provide a demo you can run, but it won't come with a post processor for your machine. But if they have your machine on hand, they can supply the post and software quickly.

I went with Radan from Hexgaon because they had an off the shelf Mazak post and everyone else wanted weeks or months to write it. Which is kind of baloney since all the mazak machines are the same, as I understand it.

Expect $10k to $15k for nesting software and post processor.

Maybe Fusion 360 has a post for your machine. Check their post database.