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Companies managing shop's time

Orange Vise

Feb 10, 2012
Now a customer is doing the same to me, trying to not send too much and in their words, "not to overload me so they can their stuff faster."
Dumb logic that'll backfire on him. If this customer can't fill your pipeline, you'll find other work that will, and probably find higher priority customers in the process.

Even dumber that this customer couldn't keep his mouth shut and told you. If his goal was to annoy his vendors, mission accomplished.


Nov 22, 2015
San Francisco
Actually almost did this to a shop this week. Parts coming in late so I don’t want to send them more expedited work. Instead I mentioned the concern to them. They let me know the issue with part A is capacity on a specific machine, not manpower. The expedite parts run on different machines, so they claim to be able to do both. We’ll see in a week or two.
Moral of the story so far? Honest communication is useful.