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cone and spindle grease


Cast Iron
Dec 8, 2012
St. Louis, MO
Maybe someone more knowledgeable will chime in, but I've always wondered why some SBs have "OIL" and some have "GREASE" stamped into the cone when they appear identical otherwise. Mine says "GREASE" and I went out of my way to find the right stuff; a Teflon infused synthetic grease, got a Zerk fitting for the oddball thread, and went to town. The first time I went to use the back-gear, I could not get the cone/spindle joint to move. I ended up heating it with a heat-gun until it freed up then ran it for a few hours with the fill screw removed until most of the grease worked its way out of the cone. It was a mess, but lesson learned; I now use Type C (ISO 68) oil in my cone and back-gear despite the "GREASE" label.


Feb 8, 2015
Coral Springs, FL USA
Is there a define grease best for SB heavy 10 cone and spindle
Yes, there is - but it is no longer available and there are no substitutes (although some say there are)!

The "grease" that was used was called "Roy Dean #DE112". I've got some and I do not like using it. I just stick to using the old standard "Type C" oil whenever I use the backgear.


Hot Rolled
Aug 8, 2004
were the spec's for the original grease not available to find a reliable alternative? with all the synthetic lubricants available today I find it hard to believe there are no viable substitutes. (I was thinking of using Dupont Krytox but I have been using oil forever and don't seem to have any issues so I will probably just stay with that)