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Confused by motor spec plate


Aug 5, 2018
Hi- I’m confused by the crappy overpainted ID plate on this motor. It appears to be a dual voltage motor, the motor is physically large, but the amperage and hp “feel” low to me. I fear I’m misreading this due to wear and overpaint and will buy the wrong VFD. Does this say 1.8 hp 5.6 amp? Seems low to me because it‘s a big beefy thing.

My intention is to Install a VFD and use the plug I already put in for a lathe. The outlet is 30 amp 220 volt single phase. The motor is wired for 440, but the wires are all labeled, and the wiring plate it better condition, so changing that to 220 looks easy enough.

What I think of as a “big motor” that must be more than 1.8hp…. Brakleen for scale.



Mar 5, 2009
California, USA
I read the tag as:
1.8 Hp
220V 5.6A
440 2.8A

The motor appears to be large because of external cooling fins. Its not circulating fresh air inside.
Those totally enclosed designs cost more for the average peon.

My 2Hp motor is 220V 5.4A. Over and out.
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