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Contamination of Aluminum


Mar 28, 2023
I recently been working on tig welding aluminum logging stakes! I take two bent stakes and make one straight one from the two. Wow what a bastard, the contamination of the stakes is terrible.
Logs rub on the stakes and press dirt and lord knows what else into the aluminum. The aluminum is 1/4” thick and I’ve restored to using diluted muriatic acid to clean the welding surface, plus I use it also to clean the inside of the welding area. I’m finally getting some success, any suggestions for cleaning this deep contamination issue would be helpful. Dean
Ali responds better to a caustic etch, warning it will dissolve completely if left unattended! Also the alkaline nature turns oil and grease to soap, don’t get it in your eyes obviously, wear PPE.
Rinse with vinegar solution to neutralise
I don’t even know what a logging steak is, something to poke floaters down the John perchance ?
The world is a strange place
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Aluminum seems an odd material to use for logging stakes. Am I wrong?
It’s used for bunk stakes on log trailers! They haul 100” pulp wood lengthways and 5 ranks per trailer! The aluminum are on the end of 10 crossways bunks. They’re rectangular tube 3” by 6” 1/4”thick and in center of each stake there a center web. They’re pretty heavy! The bunks are steel 4” by 6” tubing
Lord boslab! Spelling was my worst subject! If I’m not careful I will mis spell my name, just joking, not that bad. Believe when I saw aluminum stakes on log trailers I immediately thought, that won’t last. Ah that was 15 years ago, lol thanks for your response. Dean