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Convert 9mm Slide to 40 for 10mm Pistol

silver star

Sep 19, 2013
My searches did not bring much up on this subject but seems like I have seen threads on it.
I am gathering to build a 2011 Government in 10mm.
I am going to ream a 40 S&W Bull barrel for the 10mm.
I have most every thing else except a 40 Slide.
I have a new 9mm STI slide and I am trying to find out what the process is to open up the breach to 10mm specs and what that would involve.
I think I know the breach face is at a 1 degree angle.
I'm hoping indicating the with of the breach equally from 9mm to 10mm would be as simple as using a pillar file. But that seems to easy.
Any thoughts and / or suggestions and / or links would be most welcome.
Thanks for your time,
I've never done that exact conversion. Just for fun, you might want to get a cheap 9mm slide and experiment a bit, develop your technique. The STI stuff has always been pretty nice. I've heard of guys getting RIA slides pretty cheap for conversion purposes. Worth a try? I know a guy with a STI slide in .40 and a Para slide in .40. If I remember I'll measure the width of the breech face cut when I get a chance.