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Coolant Hose/Line Replacement

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Apr 29, 2021
I want to replace the coolant hose on my Mazak. To be specific, the hose that connects to the pump and feeds the turret (not a high pressure coolant option). Its not leaking, but its looking old, and would like to do some preventative maintenance before it fails and I have to clean up coolant off the floor. I reached out to Mazak and they gave me some astronomical price for a hose, it must of be artisanal, gluten free and organic for what they are asking for it.

The hose looks like a normal hydraulic line, so I can have a local shop make me one. My only concern is that the hose material is compatible with the coolant (QualiQuem 250c), to prevent the hose from prematurely deteriorating and failing.

Any input on this? Is standard hydraulic line fine for this application, or should I order a special material hose, if so what should I order? I can bring the hose to the local shop and have them install the fitting if needed.

Thanks in advance
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Just call qualiquem or whoever you deal with and ask..

Gave them a call, but didn't provide any useful information.

Checked the Haas mill we have on our floor and they are nylon braided polyurethane, but they are fixed and don't move much. I'm not sure if they use different hoses inside their moving assemblies.
I have always used fuel line hose. Wouldn't hesitate to use a hydraulic hose though, that should be even higher quality.

In theory anything rated for oil should be fine for use with most water soluble coolants.
Air lines make good coolant hoses. Been using air lines for washdown hoses for years, no issue.