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Coolant Recycle / Filtration


Aug 19, 2016
Coolant cost has gotten crazy so I am revisiting the question if coolant can be filtered and brought back to life. One drum in now over $2,000.00.

You can pump it thru a filter setup, but how degraded is the coolant after?

I do not know how other shops do it, but we put the waste coolant in a big container. This includes skimmed coolant, the coolant we suck out of the machine when doing a tank clean out and the dirty coolant that is washed thru the dirty chip barrels into the chip barrel dollies There is a layer of tramp oil on top, and the sludge on the bottom but quite a few gallons of coolant that should be able to be filtered and reused.

Tjere are a number of systems that pop up when Googling it.

Anyone have experience doing this? Or is the coolant too far contaminated at this time?


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