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Counterbore Help?


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Hello. New here. I've searched far and wide to find the proper name of this thing, in hopes i might purchase a larger one.DSCN2684.jpg

Is it a commercially available item, or do you think it is a handmade one-off ?


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Thanks for learning to post photos.
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Adjustable counterbore. The spurs on it indicate it is a woodworking tool. Google it, lots of options available



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Bingo. You have any idea how much search time and aggravation you have saved me ?? :) Thanks.
Never would have hit on that name myself. Yes, woodworking.


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In addition to counterbores, check out Forstner drill bits. (A type, not a brand.) They are like what you show, but without the pilot drill.
It’s a counterbore.

W. L. Fuller make a great variety of these, in materials up to carbide. Not sure they make the spiral flute type, but they do make angled flute types. Prices are generally pretty reasonable.

Catalog is: W.L. Fuller Inc.

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Welcome to the forum. Hopefully you will be inspired to participate and take some time to read the posting rules. The main one is that the post title needs to be specific. This post should have been titled " What is this type of drill ?". The moderators usually give you a break when you are new but the reason for this rule is to keep the info relevant and easy to find later.

Thanks guys for the links as I had only seen the 1/2" pilot type in the past. The main problem with these (for my work) is that it is difficult to clamp the counterbore close to the end of the drill, it needs to clamp on the shank. For some work I don't need or want 2" or more of pilot sticking out. I also want to be able to use different sized pilots but that is a relatively easy fix and I will be making adapters next time I need to counterbore with a smaller pilot. A plus for the adapter system will be a totally adjustable pilot length while clamping the counterbore to the 1/2" adapter shank.