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CTX Gamma 1250 CNC code parameter


Apr 1, 2024
Just a quick question that maybe one of you guys might be able to help me with. My co-worker and I are banging our heads trying to figure out what this machine is supposed to be doing. We bought a "turnkey" Mill turn software from Mastercam that hasn't worked since day 1. We have the code that Mastercam outputs but that is where we have hit a wall. Both Mastercam and DMG Mori have no idea what's going on, nor have they been at the machine to see it for themselves. We are at our wits end!

For starters, the output has everything in one file, including the subs which coming from another siemens control I know they should be separated, right?? Second is there a parameter or something that we are missing to take this machine out of shop turn and program/run it like a FANUC control? I know it's a siemens but just plain old G-code. We are loading the code into channel 1 but it's wanting something in channel 2, I think. Both him and I are not versed well on this machine, so we feel like we're on an island just waiting out the storm lol.
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Do you want to run FANUC programmes on a SIEMENS control? If the SIEMENS control is "SolutionLine" then you need to activate G290 "Foreigh Language" / G291 "SIEMENS babe" in the parameters.