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Customer changing delivery date on existing PO


Jan 12, 2003
Strike or no strike, how long are people going to be able to pay $1000+/month for a F150?
2009 will look like the good old days before we know it... I'm closing jobs and try to get rid of as much inventory as I can ASAFP.


Cast Iron
Jun 24, 2010
Plantersville, TX
I wont give advice, one of my customers cancelled 3 POs a few days after I ordered $27,000 worth of 17-4, sawed to length. Most of it is still sitting here, been about 3yrs now, I guess. My hope was that I would end up getting the jobs, but over a protracted period. Turned out to be only partially true. This customer is particularly abusive when it comes to hot jobs, sending POs with a due date shorter than quoted etc. Shit gets old.
Ughh, yall jinxed me. The same customer referred to above cancelled a PO on me yesterday. Thankfully all I have invested at this point is programs and inspection data sheets.

Fish On

Hot Rolled
Feb 23, 2014
Mobile, Alabama
Looky here, they just replied to complete the order and ship on 11/8 as originally scheduled.

To @EmGo's point, I wonder how much of this is purchasing agents throwing stuff at the wall to see if it sticks? If I've quoted pricing for both qty 1 and for qty 5 or more, it seems I'll always get a PO for qty 1 at the 5 item rate. They'll immediately revise it when it's pointed out, but it never fails.

Well, way back when, they agreed to complete the order and ship on 11/8 as originally ordered, but I guess that doesn't mean they intended to follow through with payment. Been trying since then to get paid.

Good news is, my terms with them are full payment before the order leaves my dock. Better news is that absolutely nothing has happened regarding production on that order since I started this thread. There's about 3.5 hours left to complete and package that order, so I figured I'd wait until I get paid then knock it out real quick.