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Cutting 1/2 6061 ALUM on a Fiber Laser


May 26, 2020
Hey guys!

So i've got a problem :(

Recently got this job which requires me to cut these "plates" out of 6061 1/2 Aluminum (which is the thickest that can be cut on my Fiber Laser) and I've got no luck with it cutting well.

When try to cut it normal it goes perfect for a second then starts to burn above the material, almost like it's going to fast and not letting the laser cut.

I was able to use the default laser condition for the outside profile (E4) and turned the feed rate down all the way to 30% to get on okish but successful cut with me being able to take the part out. I've also tried different laser conditions (E codes) with still no luck.

Any Amada guys in the forum with any advice or tricks that I can try out??

My Fiber Laser is a Ensis 3015AJ