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Cutting bundles of all thread


Sep 16, 2023
First time posting, need help figuring out the best way to cut 1/2 threaded rod in bundles of 12. We have an Ellis 1800 and we clamp the plastic wrapped bundle using the stock side clamps, but then have to use a wooden block to clamp vertical. We are cutting 12" lengths, about 400 cuts.

I have used hose clamps to bundle rounds together for bandsaw cutting. I bundled the in batches of 7 but did not have nearly as many as you. Vice grip chain clamps also work but they wont slide through the vice or over the rollers.
Make some jaws out of angle iron that grip the bundle and kind of squeeze it when tightened.
Why cut in bundle?
Look up feed/speed rates for your blade then do the math for bundle rates (one third reduction for every price after two is general rule).
Bundle cutting tears your saw up.

Pair them flat (not vertical) with some blue tape in the middle and end. That’s it- the vice will hold just fine.
Oh, one could vise grip accordance to a measuring stick, so travel to a stop would be a pretty close part size.

Guess I would rubber face my saw vise also. that thicker roofing rubber is handy.
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