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Data plates for Mori seiki MS1250

Mike Cop

Apr 25, 2020
I have a Mori seiki ms1250 lathe from my late uncle. Im trying to get it up and running. But the data plates on front of machine are worn off. Can’t read any numbers on them. Does anyone have a clear pics of what is on the plates?? My manual doesn’t say that I purchased on line for it. Any help much appreciated. Thanks!!
I have a Cadillac 1760 made by Yam. From on line photos I believe it is a Mori Seiki copy. Externally it is almost identical in appearance. Here is a photo of the data plate on mine. I can't say if it is applicable to the lathe you are working on but maybe it will help.

Hopefully someone with more knowledge than I can chime in with information.


Thank you,