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Dating a Schaublin 102 Lathe


Sep 30, 2022
HI All, Im new to this forum. My organisation was sponsored a Schaublin 102 lathe and drill. We are Mission Aviation Fellowship in Liberia. I would like to find out more about these machines and what they can do. Since we are operating a airlines and working on aircrafts, these two machines is too heavy for us to use. We are planning to either sell or sponsor the machines to some else here in Liberia. Currently, the machines are stored in a container with a leaking roof with tropical heat and +100% humidity inside the containers. I would hate to se these machines not being used, and am therefore planning to possibly renovate the machines myself and put to good use again if viable. The machines seems in good condition, but the parts in the lathe's drawer does have light surface rust. I have a few photos i took of the machines. I want to identify the year models and also by doing so, try to find out what they are worth. Any assistance on this will be appreciated. I myself has no lathe experience, but I have worked in a sheet metal manufacturing plant where we built safes and strong room doors, so I do have experience in designing steel equipment manufactured with lathes etc. Please have a look at the photos below of the drill and lathe.


  • drill 1.JPG
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  • lathe 1.JPG
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Hot Rolled
Feb 12, 2020
Prices on used equipment is different depending on location, available local supply vs. local demand vs. cost to ship else something into the area. I doubt anyone here would know what your local market is like.

No matter what however, all tools are worth more if the rust and dirt is cleaned off, everything is properly lubed, and power is available to show the machines are in working condition.


Sep 30, 2022
The 102 probably early 1960s
Ok thank you for this information. The machines has been sitting inside a leaking container in tropical climate. I went to check on it this week and found the machines soaked with water drops all over due to leaking container and high tropical tempretures. I was also told by a local machinsit, that due too the high heat and humifidty insode the containers, the elctric motors may be dmamaged. Thing is, machines are so heavy and we dont have equpment to remove it form container. I will go have to put a roof over the container to prevent at least further rain water entering the container.


Mar 21, 2011
You either love it or you leave it in the rain. Basically, there are still many Schäublin 102 around but since you have one already it’s easier to take care of it than have to procure another one. Give it a roof and wrap the parts in wood wool to begin with drying. Remove wood wool after a week and shoot WD-40 over.