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Deckel FP1 collet / Deckel SO


Sep 12, 2022
I bought a Deckel SO grinder and I am looking for some more collets.

Are the collets of an FP1 and an SO the same?
They are both S20 collets but I can't find if they are exactly the same.
Afaik there were some 16 mm similar collets for an old high-speed head.
Apart from those, all 20 mm 'deckel' collets are the same. I think they are called 355E officially but you can find them as U2 as well. There are dead cheap copies from china, I mean really cheap. For a grinder I think they'd be ok

Yes, they also refer as 355E / L20 / U2.

Thanks! was just to dubbelcheck before buying some.

They are quite ''cheap'' here in Europe, so I am not gonna fight with the cheap China ones.
I agree with the above comment, even though they may be purchased from Europe, the price is a good indication. I wanted some square size S20 collets so I bought from a well-known source, the threads were out of spec and did not fit my SO grinder. Maybe buy one and see if it fits. Maybe look around and buy used in good condition?