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Deckel FP1 Slotting Head For Sale


Sep 28, 2002
Salinas, CA USA
Deckel FP1 Slotting Head For Sale, $400 plus shipping. If you want it crated, add $50, otherwise it will come in a cardboard box. I am guessing that the weight is around 80 pounds, so shipping will probably run $100 or so. I will get a more accurate weight once I have a buyer.

I have been told that it will also fit FPNC machines. I measured the dovetails at 102.0 mm using .375" dowels, photo below. Ask Ross if you want to be sure.

There is some galling on the right slideway, but the slide is tight so I think it could be scraped down and used as is.


Believe that all FP1 accessories will run on an FP2NC.(only)
They both use the same tooth form on the drive gearing (14 1/2* pa)
All the accessory mounting dovetails are the same on both the manual and FP-NC’s
Cheers Ross
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