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Deckel G1 pantograph for sale

Elam Works

Oct 8, 2007
Pennsylvania, USA
Selling a Deckel G1 pantograph Serial # 4905, location Glen Mills, PA 19342 (SE corner of PA). Not sure of year - according to the internet, these came out in 1929 and I suppose were superseded by the G1U & G1L models with larger work and copy tables in the fifties. Machine is in overall good condition. Has a 1/4hp 1-phase motor. It had plastic cord belts which went crispy and fell off. My father bought a new leather 3/16" cord belt for the spindle drive, but it still needs a short 1/4" cord belt for the motor to countershaft. Both would need belt links and fitting. Few cutter bits, t-nuts for the table, and copy table stops included. Also included are printouts of G1U & G1L brochures and instructions; I could not find one specifically on the G1. Far as I can tell the latter are much the same machine with bigger dials and tables. Measured (tape measure) specs are: Work table: 12 x 6-1/2". Copy table 18 x 9-1/2". Reduction ratios: 1:1 to 50:1. Travels: x: 6-3/4", y: 8", z: 12". Maximum height under the spindle, no cutter: 11". Metric screws and dials. 6-speeds (Natürlich). Mounted on rubber leveling pads. Approximate weight: just a tad over 200lb. Cute little thing but do not have a use for it. Asking $600.


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Actually, I forgot this advert was still here. After several months of no interest I ended up listing it on FB Marketplace and the sale is pending as of the last few days.